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The Bank of New York
Graduated from Commercial Lending Officers' Training Program. Served as corporate consultant to customers and prospects and was calling officer/lender in Metropolitan New York City with the title of Assistant Treasurer.

Southeast Banking Corporation (now First Union)
Vice president and lender, corporate banking, Southeast First National Bank of Miami, Miami, Florida.

Executive vice president, chief lending officer and director, Southeast First National Bank of Orlando.

Regional Credit Administrator at holding company's Orlando regional office. Conducted commercial credit training for affiliate bank lenders and participated in due diligence efforts on actual and potential bank acquisitions throughout the state of Florida.

First National Bank of Midland, Midland, TX (now Bank of America)
Senior vice president and credit administrator. Managed a professional staff of credit officers dealing with the bank's most seriously distressed energy related credits. Worked for several months for the FDIC subsequent to the bank's failure in 1983.

Liberty National Bank of Oklahoma City (now Bank of America)
Executive vice president and manager of Special Assets Group responsible for administering and collecting many of the bank's most severely criticized assets.

Manager of Credit Administration directing a staff of 35 professionals performing credit analysis, security interest perfections, documentation, central funding and related responsibilities. Chaired the bank's Senior Loan Committee.

Manager of retail banking with responsibility for consumer credit portfolio and the operation of 11 branches in the greater Oklahoma City area. Community Reinvestment Act Officer.

First Security Bank of New Mexico (now Wells Fargo)
President and Chief Executive Officer of the state's second largest bank with total assets of $2.8 billion and 51 branches at the time of its acquisition in 2001 by Wells Fargo.

Initially assumed position at First National Bank in Albuquerque which was subsequently acquired by First Security. Led the bank out of a Formal Agreement and after the merger with First Security doubled the total footings of the bank and expanded the branch network to 51 offices by de novo and acquisition activity. During the merger discussions with Wells Fargo, successfully negotiated the number and locations of the divestiture of several branches (bought by Bank of the West) with the FDIC.

First National Bank of Santa Fe
Senior managing director and member of the board of directors. Worked half time assisting First National establish its upscale banking office in Albuquerque, the bank's first initiative outside its traditional trade area.

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